The IP/ KNX convertor is designed for an intelligent building control system, which is used to connect the KNX bus and the LAN. It serves as an interface between KNX installations and IP networks. TCP telegrams from the client devices on the LAN can be converted to KNX telegrams via the convertor, and be sent to the KNX bus to control KNX devices.

Power Supply: 21~30V DC, bus powered

Current: <12 mA

Power comsuption: Max. 360 mW

Installation: on 35 mm DIN rail

Temperature Range: Operation -5℃ ~ 45℃ Storage -25℃ ~ 55℃ Transport -25℃ ~70 ℃

Dimmension: 64 x 90 x 36 mm

> TCP/IP protocol supported, always work in TCP server mode.
> transparently send all telegrams.
> support up to 10 TCP connections simultaneously.
> control KXN devices by converting & sending TCP telegram to KNX/EIB.
> monitor EIB telegram and forward them to all clients connected.
> response package will be forwarded to initiator only.
> ability of reading and writing any data type defined in KNX standard

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