iRidium Pro

System to control
complicated large-scale

iRidium lite

System to control
simple typical

iRidium Gate for Voice Control

Gateway to control professional
automation systems via Amazon
Echo and Google Home

Our products are for professional installers, integrators who work with projects of Smart homes, offices and buildings. They allow:

  • to create smart visualization
  • to control automation objects from mobile devices
  • to integrate equipment working via different protocols and standards in one project
  • to set logics of equipment interaction

Design your Ideal Graphic Interface

iRidium Mobile features a unique and easy to use GUI Editor that allows you to design any graphic environment you can imagine. Most of the operations are executed via a drag and drop interface and the latest update has now made the editor available on your tablet. The GUI editor allows you to configure any operation on any combination of devices with extremely precise time lapse and scheduling functions.

Compatibility with any Control Panel

The graphic interfaces created by iRidium Mobile can be configured to work in all of the commercial platforms and operating systems. This includes control from iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), Android smartphones and tablets, Mac devices as well as Windows smartphones, tables and desktop PCs (supporting Windows 7, 8 and 10).

Control Any Piece of Equipment

With an iRidium Mobile installation you can control any Automation system, Audio/Video equipment and Media Servers. Not only all of the market protocols are supported, but various pieces of equipment can also be coordinated to work together with specific scheduling and timing functions. Every combination of equipment can be included in an iRidium panel. All of your technology devices can be at the tips of your fingers in one centralized interface.

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