Electrical / KNX Installations

We can provide everything your project needs. We can aid you with the planning and supply of your electrical equipment, whether you require a few reliable technology pieces, or a full smart home installation from start to finish.  From high level automation equipment to automation visualization and installation services, Technodome is there to assist you in every step of the way.

iRidium Mobile

iRidium Mobile is Europe’s premier control and visualization platform that can be custom fitted for your project. iRidium’s latest updates have brought a very easy drag and drop interface builder that can be operated even through your tablet! iRidium works in every imaginable platform, with any imaginable piece of equipment, every imaginable combination of technology and every timing and scheduling function you can think of. Licensing options are available for projects of every kind and size.


Audio/Video Installations is our primary field of expertise. We can help you with Home Installations, Audio and Video distribution over Networks, Conference Room setups and any imaginable configuration or idea you can come up with. With our solutions you can be sure to have access to the latest Audio and Visual Technology, that will practically transform the way you think about Sound and Vision.

Home Cinemas

Creating dedicated projection rooms has been one of our prime fields of expertise and one of the areas we have specialized for quite a few years. Technodome is considered a pioneer in designing Home Theater spaces and is a central distributor for the most sought after manufacturers for Projectors, Sound Systems and Projection Room Lighting in Europe. We take pride in being able to create the most efficient and satisfying Home Cinema experience for your space.

Security Installations

With our latest technology solutions, we can provide any level of protection for your site, ranging from basic security to specialized biometric implementations that are virtually impenetrable. Our implementations can help you with simple multi-layer intrusion detection to safe-rooms, electronically and biometrically protected storage spaces and high dependancy camera networks.


Our experienced staff can aid you with proposals and the latest hardware for creating high dependance data and audio/visual networks designed specifically for the individuality of your site. Our propositions can combine landlines with wireless transfer networks in order to create the optimum result for your home, workspace or commercial site.

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