Our experience in building your perfect home is unparalleled, with services that cover Home Automation, Audio and Video Distribution, Home Cinemas, Security Installations and Data Networks. We can provide you with a large variety of solutions for small apartments and large villas and customize them according to your tastes and dreams.


Technodome has significant experience in restaurant and commercial site projects, with well-known industry names as satisfied customers. We can easily turn your business in an extremely functional and optimized hi-tech masterpiece, that will make running it easier and will increase its appeal to your customers.


Workspace projects have special requirements, that must take into consideration the amount of time that people spend in them daily, the effect this has in their productivity and the fact that a polished high-functioning workspace is the best cover image for your company. Having several such projects in our track record we can provide you with ideas that will radically change the way you view your space.

Healthcare Facilities

Technodome has a broad understanding of the special needs and requirements for healthcare facilities that are in accordance with the latest European Health and Safety Standards as well as the top market trends. Our experience includes all healthcare spaces from waiting rooms to high end operating rooms,.


With our recent expansion into yacht projects, Technodome is rapidly becoming a market leader in the field of providing and installing boat electronic and automation equipment.

Hospitality Installations

Our experience in the Hospitality market is unparalleled. We can cover all your requirements regardless of the size of your establishment. Starting from a small guesthouse to a large 5-star hotel, Technodome is the company that can cover every single aspect of your construction or renovation.

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