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Technodome with its vast array of experience and expertise, along with its full range of associates can provide the full spectrum of technology solutions to any project.

iRidium Mobile

ΙRidium is the top choice among software packages for visualization and control  of any Automation System, Audio/Video equipment and Media Servers featuring full two-way communication. It enables control of any equipment from any operating platform and device using a completely and easily customizable interface.


Our constant search for innovation has kept us on the edge of market developments and led to partnerships with some of the most awarded and sought after manufacturers like Lithoss, MK Sound, Ekinex,DoorBird,Sonos,TAL, Weinzierl, Embeddex etc.

Experience and Innovation

Company Profile


Technodome Technology Solutions is a market leader in the fields of Home and Building Automation, Custom Audio & Video Installation, Networking & Communication Systems, Security Systems as well as Systems Design & Integration. With over 13 years of experience in Residential, Commercial, Healthcare, Workspace, Hospitality and Yacht installations we can confidently deliver your Project exactly the way you want it.


iRidium Mobile

  • It works on all popular devices and panels.
  • It launches an interface created in iRidium studio.
  • It allows to control several objects (for example, a house, an apartment and an office) from one project. It is also possible to switch between several projects in one app.
  • i3 pro can work with a server as well as without it.
    Use without a server is suitable in cases when only good visualization is required (for example to control home cinema or for AMX and Crestron projects or small-scale KNX projects) and server functions are not needed.

Cutting Edge Εquipment


Η Technodome είναι επίσημος διανομέας για μερικούς από τους πλέον βραβευμένους και περιζήτητους κατασκευαστές τεχνολογικού εξοπλισμού στην Ευρώπη.










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