Fan Coil Controller outputs heating and cooling according to temperature setting, and the max. load current of valve output is 2A. There are 3 levels of fan speed, and max. load current of each level reaches 6A. Both valve of heating and refrigeration and fan speed can be opened or closed by manual button, and their status is shown by LED lighting.

Power Supply: Voltage: 230 V AC +/-10% (50/60 Hz)

Operation: Operating voltage: 21-30V DC, made available by the EIB BUS, Current Consumption: Max. 12 mA, Power Consumption: Max.360 mW

1fold Valve Control: Rating Voltage: 75 V ~ 280 V AC, Rating Current: 1 A

1fold Fan: With 3 levels wind-speed control, Operating Voltage: 230 V AC (50/60 Hz), Operating Current: 6 A, (Note: If they are used as 3 separate switches, the max. current per fold is 6 A, and the sum total of 3 folds must be less than 13 A)

1fold Binary Input: Rating Voltage: 9 V~265 V AC/DC

1fold input of temperature data collection: Temperature Range: – 45°C ~ 80°C

Indicator Light and Button Function: 4 operation buttons, 1 auto/manual transition button, 1 programing button

Temperature Range: Operation – 5 °C ~ 45 °C, Storage – 25 °C ~ 55 °C, Transport – 25 °C 70 °C

Installation: on 35 mm DIN rail

Dimensions: 90 x 72 x 64 mm

> fan’s position can be adjusted automatically or manually to High, Medium or Low position.
> control double pipe or four coil through selecting continuous lift valve or ordinary switch valve.
> the modes of room are: Standby, Comfort, Night, and Protection.
> control fan and valve automatically according to the PI Algorithon.
> report the local wind speed gear and switch state of the valve.
> functions of temperature collection. Temperature can be obtained from local or the bus.
> monitor the actual temperature and frost temperature.
> function of scene invocation. Room modes, wind speed and room heating / cooling can be invocated.
> monitor window switch or binary input.
> function of fan and value’s cotrol by external controller

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