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Pushbutton 6 channels


The 6-fold pushbutton of Ekinex® FF series commands loads on/off switching, controls the dimming of lighting devices, controls motor drives for shutters or executes any other programmable command and control function. Thanks to the integrated temperature sensor, the pushbutton can send the room temperature value on the bus to other KNX devices. The LEDs can be chosen in the colour combinations blue / green or white / red. The device integrates a KNX bus communication module and is intended for mounting onto a wall mounting box; it is supplied by a SELV voltage directly from the KNX bus and does not require any auxiliary power supply.

Technical data
  • 30 Vdc power supply by KNX bus

  • Current consumption from bus < 15 mA


Delivery includes a terminal block for connection to the bus, a metal support for installation onto round or square mounting box (fixing holes 60 mm apart) or rectangular mounting box (fixing holes 83,5 mm apart) and two pairs of fixing screws. 


The following accessories are available to be ordered separately:

  • square or rectangular rockers 

  • square frame Form or Flank version

  • 6-fold (possibility to configure up to 12 independent functions)

  • 4 freely programmable LEDs for each channel

  • 2 colour combination available for the LEDs (blue/green or red/white)

  • Integrated temperature sensor

  • Plastic casing

  • Wall-mounting installation on round,square or rectangular wall box

  • Connection to bus line with KNX terminal block

  • Rear programming pushbutton and LED

  • IP20 protection degree (installed)

  • Weight 75 g (with mounting support)

Configuration and commissioning

A detailed description of the parameters can be found in the application manual of the device. Configuration and commissioning require ETS5 or later versions. ETS application program: APEKE20TP##.knxprod (## = release).

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