The room controller is a simple, low-cost solution for the hotel rooms, which can be used to achieve a single room control, such as heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, water/fire alarm, emergency buttons and the blinds etc. But also can be used in apartments, hospitals, office buildings, assisted living facilities etc. The room controller compact design covers most requirements of the electrical installation of the residential and building control systems and integrates most inputs and output interfaces for a single room automatic control as well as covers all standard functions for a single room control.

Power Supply: 21~30V DC, bus powered

Current: <12mA

Power comsuption: Max. 360mW

Operating/Display: Red LED and push button for assigning the physical address; flashing green LED means the device is working normally

Auxiliary Power Supply: 230 V AC+10%/-15%

Installation: on 35 mm DIN rail

Temperature Range: Operation -5℃ ~ 45℃ Storage -25℃ ~ 55℃ Transport -25℃ ~70 ℃

Output/Input:12 folds output of relay switch, 2 of triac dimming, 2 of shutter controller, 1 of fan coil, and 20 folds input of dry contact

Dimmension: 218 x 90 x 63 mm

> 12 folds output of relay switch, including 4 folds for 16 A manual output, others for 6 A automatic output; all the folds have the function of staircase light, light flashing and switch output, as well as function of time and logic control.
> 2 folds output of shutter control, with max. load current 6A per fold. The functions are: normal opening and closing of shutter, louvre adjusting, automatic sun protection and security.
> 2 folds output of triac dimming, with max. load current 1 A per fold, and with the functions of relative dimming, absolute dimming and staircase light dimming.
> 1fold output of fan coil to control 3 modes of wind speed: high, medium, with max. current 6 A. This output can be used as 3 folds 6 A relay switch output. 4 control coil, with max. load current 1 A, has function of PWM and continuous control.
> 20 folds input of dry contact, with the function of switching, dimming, shutter controlling and fixed value output.

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