Pushbutton interface 6 channels

KNX bus device functioning as 6-channel binary input for the connection of potential-free contacts. The channels can be used as control outputs for low consumption LED. Mounting in wall boxes. Power supply via bus. To be used in KNX installations for home and building automation.
• ON/OFF switching of single loads or group of loads
• dimming of lighting devices
• operating of shutters and roller blinds
• detecting the state of signaling contacts (from safety devices, alarms, etc.)
• recalling and saving of scenes
• sending on the bus of values (temperature, brightness, etc.)
• switching to forced functioning (lock)
• counting of impulses and switching cycles
• controlling of low consumption LED to be used as state feedback, orientation nightlights, etc.
A detailed description of the parameters can be found in the application manual of the device. Configuration and commissioning require ETS4 or later versions. ETS application program: APEKCB2TP##.knxprod (## = release). Available languages: English, French, German, Italian

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