The IR Emitter connects to the EIB/KNX bus directly using the EIB bus connection terminal. After finishing the configuration, the PC software can download the learned control code to the IR Emitter via the KNX downloader. The IR Emitter can control the switch, wind speed and timing of a fan, as well as the IR remote control devices, such as DVD, TV, Air-Conditioning, Fan, etc. through sending telegrams on the KNX bus by other devices in the EIB/KNX system.

Power Supply: 21~30V DC, bus powered

Current: <12 mA

Power comsuption: Max. 360 mW

Dimensions: 46 x 46 x 12 mm

Outputs: 4 channels

IR emission receiving angle: < 45°

Transmitting distance: Max. 2 m

Temperature Range: Operation -5℃ ~ 45℃ Storage -25℃ ~ 55℃ Transport -25℃ ~70 ℃

> learning and storing up to 64 different IR functional control codes for per channel.
> per channel can link up to 16 group addresses.
> the transmitting distance is about 2m.
> sending time and sending delay can be set for per control codes.
> each main function can include 5 slave functions.
> the IR functional control codes can be assigned to 1 bit or 1 byte type of object.

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