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Movement sensor


The motion sensor Ekinex® EK-SN2-TP is used to detect the passage and standing of persons in a semicircular detection area. It is ideally suited for use in corridors, passage areas, toilets, stairwells, lift landings and generally environments with occasional occupancy. The device has dedicated channels for controlling lighting, HVAC equipment and alarms. Movement/presence detection is carried out by PIR (passive infrared) sensors; a sensor also allows the measurement of ambient brightness. The operating mode is semi-automatic or fully automatic. The device has an integrated KNX bus communication module and is designed for mounting in a flush-mounted wall box; it is powered via the KNX bus and does not require an auxiliary power supply. does not require an auxiliary power supply.

Technical data
  • Rated voltage: 21-30 VDC supplied by KNX bus

  • Current consumption (on KNX bus): max. 10 mA (operation) / 5 mA (standby)

  • Sensing range: 200° semicircular (maskable), up to 9 m distance at 1.5 m mounting height

  • Light measurement range: 10..2000 Lux

  • Plastic housing, lens and mount

  • Safety standards: IEC 61000-6-1 / IEC 61000-6-3 / EN 55014 / EN 50491

Environmental conditions

  • Operating temperature: - 20... + 45 ° C

  • Relative humidity: 95% non-condensing

  • Environmental protection: IP20

  • Switching, display and detection elements


Switching, display and detection elements


The device is equipped with:

  • (on the front side) a programming button

  • (visible through the lens), a blue programming LED, a red

  • red signal LED, a PIR sensor, a brightness sensor and an IR receiver.


The following accessories are available to be ordered separately:

  • square frame Form or Flank version

  • square plate with 50 x 50 mm window

  • a plastic adapter

​Functions / Features

  • Semi-automatic or fully automatic operation

  • Two independent light control channels

  • Two independent HVAC control channels

  • One alarm channel

  • An additional device can be used as a slave for any of the channels

  • 200° detection range

  • Adjustable sensitivity (4 levels)

Configuration and commissioning

A detailed description of the parameters can be found in the application manual of the device. Configuration and commissioning require ETS5 or later versions. ETS application program: APEKE20TP##.knxprod (## = release).

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