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Void USB Series

We are proud to present our latest product release: the Lithoss USB charger. This charger’s design is a perfect example of the Lithoss philosophy for design since it’s not only beautiful, but also very fast.

By the way: did you know that it charges most devices quicker than the standard adapters supplied by the manufacturers?! The Lithoss USB charger can easily be used on every standard (European) mounting box that connects directly to 230V. Moreover, the Lithoss USB charger has an indication LED light so that you will always be able to see how much it has charged. It goes without saying that all possible safety provisions (short-circuit, heat, reversed polarity,…) are in place allowing you to charge your device not only safely but also in style.

Specifications: 230V connection | 2A - 10W (5V DC) | Indication LED light (charge – trickle charge – fully charged)


dimensions USB

Installation Manual


USB without charging indication



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