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Room temperature controller


The Ekinex® room temperature controller of FF series regulates independently the temperature of a room or a zone. In combination with one or more KNX actuators, the room temperature controller is able to control the heating and cooling emission of a series of terminal units for the thermal exchange (such as radiators, fan-coils, floor and ceiling radiant panels, etc.). The device is provided with a LCD-display with adjustable backlight, sensors for temperature and brightness measuring and two freely configurable inputs. The LEDs can be chosen in the colour combinations blue / green or white / red. The device integrates a KNX bus communication module and is intended for mounting onto a wall mounting box; it is powered by a SELV voltage directly from the KNX bus and does not require any auxiliary power supply.

Technical data
  • 30 Vdc power supply by KNX bus

  • Current consumption from bus < 13 m


Delivery includes a terminal block for connection to the bus, a metal support for installation onto round or square mounting box (fixing holes 60 mm apart) and two pairs of fixing screws. 


The following accessories are available to be ordered separately:

  • set of two square rockers with symbols for room thermostat

  • square frame Form or Flank version

  •  LCD display with adjustable backlighting

  •  2 keys for controlling the thermostat functions

  •  4 freely programmable LEDs for each button

  •  2 colour combinations available for LEDs (blue/green or white/red)

  •  Integrated temperature sensor

  •  2 freely programmable inputs

  •  Plastic housing

  •  Bus line connection via KNX terminal

  •  Programming button and LED on front panel

  •  Recessed wall mounting on round or square box

  •  IP20 degree of protection (installed)

  •  Weight 85 g (with mounting bracket)

Configuration and commissioning

A detailed description of the parameters can be found in the application manual of the device. Configuration and commissioning require ETS5 or later versions. ETS application program: APEKE20TP##.knxprod (## = release).

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