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For our DIMMER collection with its contemporary vintage look we let ourselves be inspired by the handles and cone-shaped buttons in a cockpit.

Thanks to dimming modules and home automation systems dimming has become a normal thing now. But nothing can beat the feeling of turning a real button and creating atmosphere and cosiness. Lithoss allows you to do this in style.
The button’s design – the traditional cone shape or the diamond-pattern knurl shape – is a piece of real craftsmanship: manufactured in a masterly way, with an excellent grip and an authentic touch. In combination with the cockpit switch you can integrate a contemporary vintage look in your interior in a stylish manner.


The Lithoss Casambi Dimmer is a luxurious, innovative and wirelessrotary dimmer for Casambi. It provides precise control over the brightness

of your luminaires and can also be used to instantly switch your luminaires with its integrated push function.

The Lithoss Casambi Dimmer can also change the colour temperature of
tunable white luminaires or the colour of RGB luminaires.


Of course, the device is also perfectly suited for switching and dimming
standard monocolour luminaires.




            single : 84 x 84 x 5.4mm               

Available connections



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