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Our ARPI sockets supply underfloor currents in your home and garden in complete discretion (thanks to a sleek design) making your open spaces more functional. The different connectors (power sockets, data (RJ45), Radio-TV, Speakers, USB) and accessories respond to the needs of private homes, shops, businesses and the tertiary sector.

For more than 30 years, ARPI has proven to be robust and watertight, supplying underfloor power and data.

  • - Practical & functional

Supplying electrical power or data in open spaces (with few accessible walls, numerous bay windows etc.), in the middle of the space (under the dining room table, next to the sofa) or on a terrace.

  • - Design

Covers in 8 different finishes (brushed or mirror) to help shape interiors and exteriors to supply a current discretely and elegantly underground.

  • - Safety

Avoid getting your feet entangled in an extension cable (raclettes, fondues, grills etc.) or in a computer or lighting cable. For public spaces, a safety cap is also available (opened using an Allen key).

  • - Robustness and watertightness

Our ARPI sockets cope with the most demanding of uses both internally and externally and are enduringly resistant to heavy traffic (cars etc.) or intensive traffic (shopping centres, exhibition halls etc.).


Thanks to the Arpi Aqua Seal, you can now assure the Arpi floorsockets of an IP66 value below the cable supply. You can safely leave the plug and cord plugged in and aesthetically seal it with the decorative cover that comes with the socket.

Gamma IP66

+ Outdoor or indoor installation (Stainless Steel Brushed only suitable for outdoor installation)
+ IP66 / IK10
+ All types of floor (concrete screed or hollowed-out)
+ Flush or raised installation
+ Join plastic box (system tenon mortise)







         IP66 : 100 x 100 x 65mm           










           AQUA SEEL : 74 x 60mm              


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